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**Technical data**

Brand Okatz
Model CW304-LISJ
Battery 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion (2 unit)
Drive 1/2" Square Drive
No-load speed (Low : 0-1000rpm) / (High : 0-2200rpm)
Impact rate (Low : 0-1200bpm) / (High : 0-2800bpm)
Maximum torque (Low : 160Nm) / (High : 300Nm)
Bolt diameter M6-M32
Tool dimensions 170 x 80 x 263mm
Nett weight 1.1kg (without battery)
Warranty 6 months



Model HG6050L
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Power 2000W
Air flow 250-500L/min
Temperature control digital
Temperature range :
.Low - 100-450 ºC
.High - 100-650 ºC
Net weight 0.5kg
Warranty 6 months


**Technical data**

Brand Okatz
Model CH326-LISJ
Voltage 20V
Battery 20V 4.0Ah x 2unit
Battery type lithium ion
Rated power 500W
No-load speed 0-900rpm
Impact rate 0-4,700bpm
Impact energy 2.2 Joules
Chuck type SDS-Plus
Max. drilling capacity :
.Concrete 24mm
.Steel 13mm
.Wood 30mm
Warranty 6 months


Brand Okatz
Model CF2300
Voltage input 240V 50Hz
Rated power 2300W
No-load speed 3900rpm
Saw blade diameter 355mm (14")
Bore size 25mm (1")
Cutting capacity (solid steel pipe) Ø 58mm
Cutting capacity (hollow steel pipe) Ø 110mm
Cutting capacity (rectangle) 110 x 130mm
Weight 15.80 kg
Warranty 6 months



Brand Okatz
Model POS110V
Rated voltage 240V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Input power 240W
Pad size 110 x 100mm
Abrasive paper size 140 x 114mm
Orbits per minute 14,500opm
Weight 1.3kg
Warranty 6 months


Brand Okatz
Model 8652-07003
Materials 45# carbon steel body with Solid Carbide tips
Shank Diameter 1/4inch (6.35mm)
Packing aluminium case
Consists :-
.Straight Bit 3/4"
.Straight Bit 3/8"
.Straight Bit 1/4"
.Straight Bit 1/2"
.90° "V" Grooving Bit 1/2"
.Dovetail Bit 3/8"
.Dovetail Bit 1/2"
.45 ° Chamfer Bit 1/2"
.Bearing Flush Trim Bit 3/8"
.Bearing Flush Trim Bit 1/2"
.Rounding Over Bit R1/8"
.Rounding Over Bit R3/16"
.Rounding Over Bit R1/4"
.Rounding Over Bit R3/8"
.Panel Pilot Bit 1/4"
.Slot Cutter Bit 1/4"
.Mortising Bit 1/2"
.Cove Bit R3/8"
.Cove Bit R1/4"
.Roman Ogee Bit R5/32"
.Combination Bevel Bit 1/2"
.Round Nose Bit 3/8"
.Round Nose Bit 1/2"
.Carbide RabetIng Bit 1/2"
.Allen wrench for eradicating bearing information



Brand Okatz
Model PL182.60
Rated voltage 240V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Input power 600W
No-load speed 16000r/min
Rebating depth 0-1.0mm
Planing width 82mm
Warranty 6 months


Brand Okatz
Model PID71A
Power 710W
Voltage 240V / 50Hz
No-load speed 0-3000rpm
Chuck diameter 13mm (1/2")
Drilling capacity :-
- Steel 13mm
- Concrete 13mm
- Wood 25mm
Weight 2.2kg
Warranty 6 months



Model JS100-QL
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Power 800W
No-load speed 800 ~ 3,000rpm
Mitre cutting 45°
Capacity :
.Mild steel 10mm
.Aluminium 20mm
.Wood 100mm
Weight 2.50kg
Warranty 6 months


Brand Okatz
Model ADR106.55
Voltage 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Input Power 550W
Chuck Diameter 13mm
No Load Speed 2600rpm
Weight 4.3kg
Include with 106pcs Tools Set
Warranty 6 months


.Professional design for industry use
.High performance motor 900W
.Spindle lock
.Adjustable safety protect guard for disc

Brand Okatz
Model AG4.90
Disc diameter 100mm / 4"
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Rated input power 900W
No-load speed 11,000rpm
Weight 1.9kg
Warranty 6 months


.1100W high performance motor
.Portable design for handy use in various locations
.Easily cuts metal tube, rods, pipe, steel plate and rebar
.Tough cast aluminium body with rugged rubbed edges
.Comes with benchtop stand for Cut-off saw functionality
.6 setting of speed levels suits different applications
.Ideal for automotive shops, site work and DIY

Brand Okatz
Model BS127
Rated voltage 220V-240V / 50Hz
Rated input power 1100W
Blade no load speed 0.7-2.4m/s
Number of speed levels 6
Mitre cutting angle 0-45°
Blade size 1140 x 13 x 0.65mm (10/14T)
Max. cutting capacity :
127 x 127mm (without base)
127 x 80mm (with base)
Warranty 6 months


.Accurate cutting with adjustable 59mm depth of cut
.Powerful 1300W hi-torque motor with optimised gearbox & blade system
.0° - 45° bevel tilt cuts angles accurately & easily
.Compact, lightweight & robust design, weighing only 3.8kg
.Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped (TCT) 185mm blade included

Brand Okatz
Model CS7V
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Power 1300W
Blade diameter 185mm (7-1/4") x 20 x 60T
No-load speed 5600rpm
Cutting depth (90°) 59mm
Cutting depth (45°) 38mm
Weight 3.8kg
Warranty 6 months


Brand Okatz
Model DR15MV
Rated voltage 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Rated power 1800W
Operating pressure 150Bar
Max. pressure 180Bar
Rated flow rated 420L/hour (7L/min)
Max. flow rated 510L/hour (8.5L/min)
Max. ambient temperature +40°C
Protection class IPX 5
Weight 16kg
Warranty 12 months


.Using perfect solution for polishing paintwork, surface finishing, waxing and descaling
.Variable speed and slow smooth start-up
.Constant speed function: infinitely variable speed between 2100-5000 rpm ensures work at the right speed
.Externally accessible brushes for greater serviceability and longer motor life
.Soft grip for comfortable use
.Extremely easy to use even for inexperienced operators, swirl-free, professional results with no risk
.Big orbit 21mm high effective for polishing

Model DSP150
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Power 720W
Speed electronic variable speed
No load speed 2100-5000rpm
Pad size (6") 150mm
Eccentric orbit 21mm
Protective type double insulation
Protection Class II
Warranty 6 months

**Standard Accessory**
1pc 150mm polishing sponge pad
1pc S6 hex wrench
1pair of carbon brush


.Three temperature and airflow settings
.Resistant heating element delivers maximum durability
.Built-in overheating protection ensures the heat gun does not overheat

Brand Okatz
Model HG6050D
Rated voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Input power 1800W
Temperature setting 3
.Setting I - cool air
.Setting II - 380 °C
.Setting III - 580 °C
Air flow rate 300-500LPM
Protection class II
Weight 830g
Accessories 4pcs nozzle
Warranty 6 months


.Powerful 1300 watts motor for various cutting applications
.Compact design at only 210mm long and weighs only 3.0kgs for less operator fatigue
.Flat rear side of motor housing allows for easy blade changes
.Easy to adjust depth gauge for precision cutting
.Powerful cutting in stone, masonry, tile and concrete
.Warranty 6 months

Brand Okatz
Model MS13V
Voltage 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 1300W
No-load speed 12500rpm
Disc diameter 110mm (4")
Weight 3.0kg
Warranty 6 months

**Standard accessories**
Okatz MS13V marble cutter
2pcs Wrench
Clear vinyl hose
Pipe connector nozzle
Carbon brush
FREE 1pc Professional 4" x 40T carbide tipped saw blade


Brand Okatz
Model MT1018V
Power 1800W
Voltage 240V / 50Hz
No-Load Speed 5000rpm
Blade Diameter 255mm (10")
Max. Cutting Capacity :
.0° - 100 x 110mm
.45° - 100 x 85mm
Weight 11.72kg
10" 60T TCT circular saw blade include
Warranty 6 months


.1800W motor and electric brake that stops the blade in seconds
.Carbide-tipped blade and 9 positive miter stops delivers smooth precision repeatable cuts
.Right and left table extensions and ergonomic handle provide extra support when working with longer pieces
.Bevel lock lever as well as miter lock handle securely locks the saw at desired bevel and miter angles
.Factory calibrated laser guide for accurate and precision alignment
.Includes cord-wrap area, dust bag and dust guide for quick storage and cleanup

Brand Okatz
Model MT1018V-SL
Power 1800W
Voltage 240V / 50Hz
No-Load Speed 6,000rpm
Blade Diameter 255mm (10")
Max. Cutting Capacity :
.0° 85 x 300mm
.45° 85 x 210mm
Weight 17.5kg
10" TCT circular saw blade include
Warranty 6 months


.Less weight and the most compact design in its class for easy jobsite portability
.Built-in laser clearly indicates line-of-cut whether blade is turning or not
.Ergonomic D-handle design for better fit and added comfort
.Easy-to-read dual bevel scale for more precise adjustments
.Head tilting angle adjustment available

Model MT812V-L
Voltage 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 1200W
Blade diameter 205mm (8")
Blade bore 25.4mm (1")
No-load speed 4800rpm
Max. cutting capacity (0°) H45 x W115mm
Max. cutting capacity (45°) H45 x W95mm
Head Tilting (0°) H45 x W115mm
Head Tilting (45°) H25 x W115mm
Net weight 6.8kg
Gross weight 8.0kg
8" TCT circular saw blade include (205 x 25.4 x 2.6 x 40T)
Warranty 6 months